Legal Services


Litigation Tax Law

With recognized experience in judicial and administrative activities, in the tax and social security areas, we have outstanding performance in the most diverse bodies and Administrative Courts, through innovative questioning aimed at reducing the tax burden borne by our clients, national and multinational companies.

Tax Advisory and Planning Law

We work closely with our clients’ tax advisory and planning area, presenting and implementing transparent strategies for legal control of contingencies and with the primary aim of minimizing negative tax impacts and maximizing benefits.



Assistance in the analysis of advertising campaigns, hiring and commercial regulations, as well as acting before CONAR, according to the Advertising Self-Regulation Code.

Business and Corporate Law

Assistance to individuals and companies in the structuring, implementation and conduct of the most varied and complex legal businesses developed in the civil and commercial areas, with emphasis on corporate planning, constitution of partnerships, organization of joint ventures, associations, foundations and other activities related to business law.

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