Our office provides consultancy services, preventive and contentious legal services. We are based in the city of São Paulo – SP, and have a team of highly qualified professionals working in different areas of the legal profession. In our daily activities, we have found innovative solutions and strategies seeking conciliation between corporate reality and the Brazilian judicial and processual model. We have correspondent solicitors throughout the country and also associate solicitors in the city of Ribeirão Preto, in the State of São Paulo, and Brasília – DF, which allows quick and intense activity in all judicial spheres and courts of the country.

We strive to uphold the quality of the work that is developed by associating techniques with the need for quick answers within a globalised world. Our professional people are active in work and demands involving the different branches of Public and Private Law.


To provide legal solutions driven by passion for results.

To be the best option in consulting and legal strategy and become a benchmark for talent management.

Team spirit: 
solidarity encouragement, exchange and cooperative learning.
Passion: shared dedication and enthusiasm for the individual and collective victory.

continuous exchange of experience and knowledge, trust and creative collaboration.

clarity, simplicity, openness and fairness in relationships and results.

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